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Windy & Chatty Nick Richards
Windy & Chatty Over The Top

A book, a world, a way of life. Created by Nick Richards.

Nick Richards is the renowned author of only one book so far although a second 'shorter' book is almost complete. They are all likely to be bestsellers. Unfortunately, he finds he is increasingly distracted by 'the Internet'. His other achievements to date include winning first prize in the Staffordshire 'Highest Cheekbones' competition of 1982 ( in an extremely competitive field) and a 'Fastest Loser' Certificate of Merit in the 1985 England and Ireland Inter-Schools egg-and-spoon race ( having lost his favourite silver spoon on the way over on his father's yacht).

He is a lover of fine White wines ( finding Red wines too malty) and spotted ties. He currently spends his time jaunting between Ireland, England and Brazil passing on his skill in Bridge to Street Urchins. Nick Richards has recently been diagnosed with a split personality which comes in handy because he is married to two completely different wives. It also goes some way to explaining his fascination with Bitcoin and his ruinous psychiatry bills.


"A terrific read...very humourous" - Pat Kenny Newstalk
"Farcical and Fun" - Irish Examiner
"A Tonic for the Troops" - Irish Independent