Windy & Chatty Nick Richards

A book, a world, a way of life. Created by Nick Richards.

Nick Richards Esq., potentially the bravest author of his generation, cordially invites you into the wondrous and delightful world of his two favourite people: Windermere Brentworth and Chattingston Chatterley.

Sit back and enjoy the whimsical accounts of these two handsome devils as they cut a dash through Victorian England at the turn of the twentieth century.

Follow them on their gin-soaked adventures as they try to navigate the pitfalls of boarding school, adolescent angst, sex, females, and the trenches of World War One.

A book on this scale of stylishness has never been attempted before. Without a doubt Windy and Chatty are two mismatched friends, but their tale is one of bravery, love, friendship and most importantly, good sideburns.

It is a story which is in parts brave, in parts funny but mainly and in most parts, very absurd. Make of it what you will, you have been warned..
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